Local & National Support Groups

  • Moderation Management: support groups, online communities, advice and additional resources for those looking to reduce their alcohol consumption

  • Queers without Beers: Facebook group joining folks in the LGBTQ+ community who are looking to moderate their drinking or go completely alcohol-free

  • Queer Sober Social: virtual events & sober space for those who are LGBTQ+ identifying and sober, sober-curious, not currently drinking, or in recovery

  • Gay & Sober LA Meeting Guide: list of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon (for family members of those with history of alcohol use disorder) meetings in the Los Angeles area

  • Alcohol Disorder Use Support Group (Latinx Community): Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon support services provided in Spanish for Los Angeles residents

Local Rehabilitation Services

Breast/Chest Cancer Screening

  • EWC: Provides free breast (and cervical) cancer screening and diagnostic services to California’s underserved  patients. Eligible individuals must reside in the state of California, self-report an income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level, and be uninsured or under-insured. 

  • Family Pact: Family PACT patients are eligible for routine breast cancer screening between the ages of 40-55, including an annual screening mammogram.

  • LA County Dept. of Health Services:  Uninsured or under-insured patients can receive low- or no-cost screening, diagnostic and treatment services.

Drink Tracking Apps

  • DrinkControl: an alcohol consumption "diary" that allows you to track sober/dry days, see a calendar of your drinking history, and provides education on safe alcohol consumption

  • Drink Coach: supports those looking to lower their alcohol consumption by sharing progress with others, setting up reminders and meetings with a DrinkCoach anytime you need

  • Less: designed for those who want to lower their alcohol consumption but aren't completely sober, track your consumption stats, drink free days and get tips for reducing consumption

Blogs, Videos, Podcasts & More

  • The Mindful Drinking Blog: blog with alcohol use information, mocktail recipes, tips for reducing drinking and how to socialize in alcohol-centered space

  • SMART Recovery Podcast: tips & guidance for those looking for a self-empowerment model in recovery from addiction 

  • 30 Days Without Drinking: check out this video to learn about the benefits of not drinking for 30 days

  • Gray Area Drinking: Ted Talk with Jolene Park, who was never on either extreme of drinking, who discusses her journey with alcohol consumption

  • Make My Mocktails: TikTok account sharing fun, new mocktail recipes and discussing what it means to be sober curious